Preparing for a new reality

“Making the best of the COVID-19 recovery will be crucial for everyone.”

Welcome to the first edition of the brand new Intelligent Insurer Review, published in a fresh, dynamic format which we hope you’ll enjoy. II Review will bring you the best of Intelligent Insurer’s content each month to keep you up to date with what’s happening in global re/insurance.

Dealing with COVID-19 and its aftermath remains the main topic for most people in the industry, although talk has moved from crisis management and lockdown support to preparing for the new normal, whatever it finally turns out to be.

It’s a difficult concept to pin down—the pandemic, and its impacts, are ongoing. In our cover feature this month we look at the physical implications for businesses that are reopening their buildings, as well as the psychological impact for people working through the tentative transition out of lockdown.

Making the best of the COVID-19 recovery will be crucial for everyone. Swiss Re and Lloyd’s of London have already developed strategies to ensure re/insurers are in the best position to help themselves and the wider society.

There is still a lot of uncertainty but if there’s one thing insurance professionals are good at, it’s understanding and managing risk. Re/insurers are not taking a back seat—they are front and centre, proactively fighting for the best recovery possible.

Claire Churchard is deputy editor of the Newton Media Insurance Group

Image: shutterstock.com / Kritthaneth