Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Throughout the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting there are consistent touchpoints to keep you in the loop with what’s going on. Here are some of the most important.

The Virtual Platform The virtual platform opens on Monday, November 9, at 7:00 am (EST). Upon joining the platform, you’ll find options at the top of the screen enabling you to access the lobby, sessions, resources, and other information. In the lobby, navigating to where you want to go is easy; look for the entranceways to the Corporate Meetings, Exhibit Hall, Live Sessions, Meeting Spaces, On-Demand Sessions, and Networking. Or, if you prefer, use the top navigation bar.

Daily Welcome Message

Each day throughout the Meeting, click on the welcome message from INTA. You’ll see it front-and-center as you enter the virtual lobby; please take the time to watch the short video, since you won’t want to miss out on the messages, which may include important program updates! Keep your eye on the ongoing scrolling messages along the bottom of the screen to keep in the know.

INTA Daily News

Also add this to your daily routine: reading the INTA Daily News. With a new format (you’re getting a sample right now), this year’s INTA Daily News has more to offer than ever before, with video content and responsive media enhancing the regular features and reporting from the event. It will be available each day of the Annual Meeting, November 16–20, in the virtual lobby and through, as well as delivered directly to your inbox, so it’s easy to keep up to date with everything that’s going on during the Meeting.

Help Desk

A help desk option will be available at the left side of the virtual lobby. If you encounter any technical difficulties or have a question, use the live chat feature. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Participate in a variety of education sessions in a variety of formats. Experience live content or have live chats while watching recorded sessions at a Watch Party with others in your time zone. Or access our on-demand content—some of which is exclusively available on demand and some of which will be almost-instantly available recordings of our live sessions. All recordings will be available on demand until Sunday, January 10, 2021.


Registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting closes on Friday, October 30, at 11:59 pm (EDT). This includes registration for the overall event and for certain sessions that require advance registration. Add-ons available on a first-come, first-served basis, at no additional charge, are: limited-attendance workshops, Table Topics, Speed Networking, Corporate Meet-Ups, and social networking activities. Remember to preregister so you can take advantage of the plethora of education and networking opportunities. Access the availability list to see which add-on networking sessions are still open for preregistration. Register here for the Meeting and for add-on sessions.

Award Winners

INTA will be announcing winners of the President’s Award, INTA Service Awards, and Tomorrow’s Leader Award on select days of the Meeting. Watch for the video announcements and congratulate your colleagues!

Think Tank Reports

Look for the release of INTA’s three Think Tank reports on “What might the IP practice of the future look like?” from the perspective of IP offices, in-house practitioners, and law firms. And join one of the two Town Halls discussing these thought-provoking reports, on November 17 (9:30 am–11:30 am (EST)) and November 19 (9:30 am–11:30 am (GMT +8:00)), to hear experts from across the world reflect on the findings.

Social Media

Throughout the two weeks, INTA’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WeChat) will be populated with posts about the Meeting. Don’t forget to share your own impressions or highlights of the Meeting on social media and participate in INTA’s interactive campaigns throughout the event. On the latter, when the call goes out on out on social media, join the conversations: One will focus on any new hobbies or pursuits you’ve taken up during the pandemic. So if you’re a reborn athlete or a wannabe origami expert, please chime in! And, in another discussion, if you have any tips on how best to lead during a crisis, please share those too. Most of all, so everyone is in the loop, include #INTA2020.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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