Unsung heroes

Bermuda­­s quiet achie­v­ers

For the third year running, Bermuda:Re+ILS hails the talented team members who make Bermuda’s risk transfer companies tick.

The third instalment of Bermuda’s unsung heroes are all based on nominations from those who see their work up close and understand how it facilitates much of the other work the industry does.

No worker is an island, and for every successful deal there are teams of people working in the background, laying the groundwork and providing the necessary support. Many of these teams receive little public recognition, although those who work with them tend to understand their importance.

“There are opportunities for people with all sorts of different skillsets in this industry.” Jasmine DeSilva

This is an opportunity to highlight the important work such people do, and to learn more about the various supporting roles people play that enable Bermuda’s reinsurance industry to function as it does.

We asked our contacts in Bermuda to nominate the people they feel are the unsung heroes of their companies. For the third year running we received a strong response covering a wide range of ages, backgrounds and roles.

We profile nine individuals, all of them nominated by their peers, working in different roles within the reinsurance industry. All discussed the work they do, the skills needed to excel in their roles and their thoughts about the future of their companies and their industry.

The range of responses makes it clear that you do not need to be an actuary, or have a background in maths or risk management, to make a career in reinsurance. There are opportunities for people with all sorts of different skillsets in this industry.

As Jasmine DeSilva of the Bermuda Business Development Agency puts it: “The re/insurance industry is large enough that it offers opportunities for people with all sorts of different skills and backgrounds.

“Any strength and skill people possess can be used in this industry, whether through broking, underwriting, data science, marketing or operations.”

To nominate an Unsung Hero for a future edition, email the editor of Bermuda:RE+ILS, Solomon Teague, at steague@newtonmedia.co.uk


Kristine Cornish

Argo Group Manager–accounting


Grace Sousa

Ariel Re VP, Operations


Wendy King

ABIR Analyst


Francesca Lines

Beach & Associates Bermuda Junior account manager


Jasmine DeSilva

Bermuda BDA Business development manager


Jennifer Collier-Souza

Third Point Reinsurance VP, Operations


Shannon Simmons, Quinton Jones and Tristan Richardson

PwC IT team members

Image: Shutterstock.com / Romolo Tavani

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Summer 2020

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