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Bermuda:Re+ILS brings you the fifth instalment of Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. In every issue we profile five individuals who have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey as a global risk transfer hub.

“Any individual can make such a difference if they have the drive and innovative skills.”

In the October 2019 issue of Bermuda:Re+ILS, we launched Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. The launch marked the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s 50th birthday. It was also some five decades since Fred Reiss started his pioneering work in Bermuda that led to the formation of the first captive.

In many ways that moment marks the start of what has become a global industry and key part of the worldwide re/insurance sector. In those 50 years many other executives have contributed to Bermuda’s growth and development, following in the footsteps of Reiss in helping drive forward innovation while making huge contributions that have resulted in Bermuda’s becoming the world capital of risk transfer.

That is why this publication has created Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. In each issue, we will celebrate the achievements of five individuals who have contributed to this journey through Bermuda’s history. They may be still working or long retired. If they have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey, we will consider recognising them.

This issue celebrates the contribution of five more industry legends, including one recently departed chief executive who spent the best part of his career building one of the Island’s most successful re/insurance businesses, and one of the best known faces currently working in Bermuda’s captives industry.

It recognises two more re/insurance professionals still setting the agenda as leaders of important Bermudian institutions, and an executive using skills learned in Bermuda to reform London’s Lloyd’s market.

The individuals we choose will be selected based on a quarterly poll of our readers, which will encourage them to suggest names they believe are worthy of recognition, and the thoughts and judgements of our editorial panel. We will profile five new names in every issue going forward.

It is an ongoing process. If you wish to suggest someone you believe should be recognised for his or her contribution to Bermuda’s risk transfer market, look out for our poll or simply get in touch along with a couple of lines on your reasons.

We hope the individuals profiled on the following pages inspire readers and remind everyone that any individual can make such a difference if they have the drive and innovative skills. We look forward to hearing your future nominations.


Fiona Luck

“Luck became one of its youngest managing directors when she was selected to head Marsh’s global broking operations in Bermuda.”


Peter Mullen

“Within months of returning to Artex he was overseeing its acquisition of Horseshoe.”


Ed Noonan

“Noonan emphasised the role Bermuda had played in making Validus an attractive target for AIG, citing its innovative insurance culture.”


Konrad Rentrup

“Rentrup has been particularly interested in the growth of cyber, which he recognised back in 2016 would be a crucial business.”


Patrick Tannock

“Under his leadership, AXA XL has supported the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences in its push for greater understanding of the world’s oceans.”

Image: Photo by Kévin et Laurianne Langlais on Unsplash

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September 2020

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