Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame

Five inspirational leaders

Bermuda:Re+ILS brings you the sixth instalment of Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. In every issue we profile five individuals who have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey as a global risk transfer hub.

“If they have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey, we will consider recognising them.”

In the October 2019 issue of Bermuda:Re+ILS, we launched the Bermuda Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. The launch marked the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s celebration of its 50th birthday and it was also some five decades since Fred Reiss started his pioneering work in Bermuda.

Reiss is just one of many individuals who have played important roles in the creation and evolution of Bermuda’s re/insurance industry, making it the world capital of risk transfer that it is today. The Bermuda Risk Transfer Hall of Fame is intended to commemorate some of these individuals, who stand as an inspiration for the younger people in the industry today.

In each issue, we celebrate the achievements of five individuals who have contributed to this journey through Bermuda’s history. They may be still working or long retired. If they have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey, we will consider recognising them.

This issue celebrates the contribution of five more industry legends, four of them still working today and still contributing to the innovative spirit of the Island, and one who is no longer with us, but who is universally acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of the industry.

The individuals we choose will be selected based on a quarterly poll of our readers, which will encourage them to suggest names they believe are worthy of recognition, and the thoughts and judgements of our editorial panel.

It is an ongoing process. If you wish to suggest someone you believe should be recognised for his or her contribution to Bermuda’s risk transfer market, look out for our poll or simply get in touch along with a couple of lines on your reasons.

We hope the individuals profiled on the following pages inspire readers and remind everyone that any individual can make such a difference if they have the drive and innovative skills. We look forward to hearing your future nominations.


Christian Dunleavy

“He was named as chief underwriting officer of Aspen Bermuda, before ascending in 2019 to the role of chief executive officer.”


George Hutchings

“He is responsible for the underwriting, marketing, client service and claims management of a global $4.3 billion energy industry insurer.”


Robert Newhouse

“Credit for the making the leap of faith first goes to Newhouse, who with this line of thinking sired Bermuda’s insurance industry.”


Sylvia Oliveira

“On her watch, BILTIR has developed a framework to foster local talent through Lunch and Learns and tutoring for high schoolers.”


Kathleen Reardon

“Kathleen is co-founder and a board member of Women in Reinsurance in Bermuda, and served as chair from 2014 to 2019.”

Image: Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

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October 2020

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