Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame

Five inspirational service providers

Bermuda:Re+ILS brings you the seventh instalment of Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. In every issue we profile five individuals who have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey as a global risk transfer hub. In this, our last instalment for the time being, we focus on service providers.

“The five chosen in this issue are all still very much active members of Bermuda’s re/insurance community.”

The first edition of the Bermuda Risk Transfer Hall of Fame came in the October 2019 issue of Bermuda:Re+ILS, when the Bermuda Monetary Authority was celebrating its 50th birthday. At that time it had been some five decades since Fred Reiss started his pioneering work in Bermuda.

Reiss is just one of many individuals who have played important roles in the creation and evolution of Bermuda’s re/insurance industry, making it the world capital of risk transfer that it is today.

Our Risk Transfer Hall of Fame has commemorated some of these individuals, who stand as an inspiration for the younger people in the industry today. In this instalment, the Hall of Fame is paying tribute to some inspirational service providers. While not being re/insurers themselves, each has significantly contributed to the success of the re/insurance industry in his own way.

The Hall of Fame has commemorated executives who have retired or passed away, as well as those who are still working. The five chosen in this issue are all still very much active members of Bermuda’s re/insurance community, including a lawyer, two consultants, a lobbyist and a regulator. All of them are well-known on the Island, and do as much to make the industry what it is as any re/insurance executive.

This will be the last iteration of the Hall of Fame for now, but it may return in the future. If you wish to suggest someone you believe should be recognised for his or her contribution to Bermuda’s risk transfer market, please continue to send your suggestions to the editorial team, along with a couple of lines on your reasons. All suggestions will be considered in due course.

We hope the individuals profiled on the following pages inspire readers and remind everyone that any individual can make such a difference if they have the drive and innovative skills, and that no industry is an island: it takes many different businesses to make the re/insurance industry what it is.


Brad Adderley

“Adderley has been a passionate defender of Bermuda’s approach to regulation when it has come under external pressure from the EU and other sources.”


David Brown

“Brown has a keen understanding of the broader macro trends in the economy and financial services, and how these are likely to impact Bermuda.”


Jeremy Cox

“Cox has overseen the achievement of full equivalence with Europe’s Solvency II regime and helped to establish the Island as the world’s largest jurisdiction for captives.”


John Huff

“Huff has been directing ABIR’s worldwide public policy initiatives and making himself a spokesperson for the industry on a wide range of issues.”


Arthur Wightman

“As far back as 2013 Wightman was calling for flood and terrorism risks to be brought into the private market, via convergence or traditional reinsurance.”

Image: Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

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November 2020

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