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While the 17th annual Singapore International Reinsurance Conference (SIRC) has been delayed for a year due to COVID-19, its organisers have instead launched SIRC 2020 Re-Mind, a virtual conference taking place this week.

The event has a full agenda of senior executives from the region commenting on the most pertinent issues of the day—all of which we are reporting on as usual in our annual newsletter SIRC Today.

Coverage of the virtual event will be complemented by interviews, news stories and reports from the region.

In the following pages, readers will find insight and news from industry leaders speaking at and around the virtual event.

As in previous years, we endeavour to bring our readers high-level market insights and ensure their fingers stay on the pulse of the re/insurance industry in these unprecedented times.

Wyn Jenkins, managing editor, Intelligent Insurer

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Looking ahead and around with Swiss Re

The first day of SIRC finished with a fireside chat with Moses Ojeisekhoba, chief executive officer Reinsurance of Swiss Re.

In his fireside chat Moses Ojeisekhoba spoke about how the industry had been a shock absorber in these uncertain times and how it was positioned to help solve systemic problems while enabling sustainable progress in the future..

Change, said Ojeisekhoba, had been the main theme of 2021.

“It’s in environments when you have uncertainty that Swiss Re is at its best. We employ people whose prime role is to figure things out and to make sure that we have the right models in place,” he said.

“It’s looking not just at the patterns of the past, but also at those of the current situation, and thinking about what it means and what the right price is for the risk in working with clients.”

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It never rains but it pours: AIR

If liability claims are successful, those linked to sea level rises stand a good chance of being among those that break through. If they do, the floodgates could open.

How Asia is a hotbed for diversity

Veronica Grigg, president for Asia, Crawford explains why the local industry should reflect this.

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Risks and opportunities in Asia

Economic stresses, COVID-19 and climate change are putting an emphasis on underwriting as businesses look for new classes of cover and the danger of risk deterioration rises. And that’s just how IGI would want it.

Nick Garrity joined International General Insurance (IGI) almost three years ago. Founded in Amman, Jordan, in 2001, the company had already expanded beyond the Middle East to write specialist insurance and reinsurance globally.

Registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, it also has offices in London, Bermuda, Casablanca and Kuala Lumpur, where Garrity is based.

Appointed chief executive officer of the Labuan branch, he was tasked with developing it from a Malaysian business into a regional hub.

As he told the 1.1 Club, Intelligent Insurer’s online platform for one-on-one interviews, discussion and debate with industry leaders, that has largely been achieved.