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That the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) will hold its annual conference in person this year, represents some much-welcome positive news for an industry getting a little jaded doing everything virtually.

Face-to-face meetings are back on the agenda and most executives are glad of that.

While the event will be down on 2019 numbers—the last time it happened in a physical form—the biggest reason for this is overseas visitors being unable to enter the US for another week. Companies based in North America have embraced the opportunity to meet in person again.

There will big differences. COVID-19-related restrictions and safety measures are in force, including proof of vaccination. It will be a much smaller event this year—but events will happen, and executives will meet face to face.

That is a welcome step forward. These in-person meetings will represent a focus as negotiations around the renewals season gather pace. The APCIA annual event acts as a focus for these—an important mark in the calendar.

For this year’s edition of APICA Today, we reflect this blended approach the industry is now using to conduct business. We have done many video interviews during the week before the conference.

We will also report on the press conferences and events happening around the event and speak to individuals who are attending in person.

This allows us, as ever, to provide in-depth analysis of industry news and opinion, based on our speaking to the most senior leaders in the industry—asking the challenging questions and delivering the answers.

For the first time, this year the publication is truly multimedia.

Almost all of our exclusive interviews and panel discussions are available in these pages for you to watch and listen to—in addition to reading our reporting on them.

We hope you find the content in these pages useful and informative—it may even give you an edge on the competition.

Wyn Jenkins, managing editor, Intelligent Insurer

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TigerRisk is getting ready to pounce

There has been a lot of activity at the top of TigerRisk in recent weeks. CEO Rob Bredahl explains what it all means for the company.

There have been a lot of changes at TigerRisk Partners in recent months. At the beginning of October, the advisory company shuffled and buttressed its executive team. Rod Fox, the company’s chief executive officer was announced as its new executive chairman, while Tim Ronda joined as president.

Also in the mix was Rob Bredahl, whose role shifted from president to chief executive officer. He spoke to the 1:1 Club, Intelligent Insurer’s online, on-demand platform for one-on-one interviews with industry leaders, to talk about the moves and what they mean for TigerRisk Partners.

Reflecting on the shifts in management, Bredahl said that they had already been enormously beneficial to the company. “The market looks at us differently with such a key hire,” he said, referring to Ronda’s appointment.


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From net zero to hero

Re/insurers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they manage their net zero strategies, says Liz Henderson of Aon.


Supply and demand to drive legacy market

The legacy market has emerged front and centre: Ed Hochberg, Guy Carpenter.

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Looking ahead to 2022 with Swiss Re

2020 and 2021 have been dramatic—what lessons have they taught us? Mohit Pande of Swiss Re spoke to APCIA Today.

Much of the fallout from events of the last two years is still being played out, with rising inflation coming on the back of a worldwide recession.

“I would describe the market as being volatile and uncertain right now,” Pande said.

“Within this challenging environment, the industry has played its role of being a shock absorber quite well, by providing solutions and improving overall resilience.”